CabinLED3 for on-surface mounting 3pole

universally suitable for ceiling cutouts of 12-59mm, with extension rings up to 84mm.


without and with 1st extension ring


At most 6 lamps can be plugged into a sixfold distributor. The dimmer is plugged into the T-piece or into a free output of the sixfold distributor. For more than 6 lamps, a second sixfold distributor is needed.

Wiring examples

Required ceiling cutout

with max. 6 or 10 CabinLED3 lamps and dimmer

CabinLED3-on-surface mounting: 12mm – 59mm
with 1st extension ring: up to 69.5mm
with 1st and 2nd extension ring: up to 84mm

Table: number of lamps

Advice to the table

Recommended number of CabinLED3 lamps referring to the size of the lift cabin .

The preceding table data are based on measurements in different stainless steel lift cabins. The prescription of 50lux on the cabin floor made by EN81 was clearly exceeded in all measurements.
All indications are without engagement.

Mounting variant 1

Mounting at ceiling cutouts of 12mm-30mm

Mounting variant 2

Mounting at ceiling cutouts of 30mm-59mm

Mounting with drill holes of 6.2mm for threaded bush and 12mm-30mm for the cable lead-through

Distance plate small resp. big as a protection against lateral shifting and against theft

Basic package + accessories

for CabinLED3-on-surface

Switching power supplies

suitable switching power supplies

Basic package CabinLED3 for on-surface mounting
Accessories for CabinLED3: dimmer-3pole, connecting line, 6-way distributor, extension rings

Switching power supply 24V, 230VAC/24VDC, 2A 50W
Switching power supply IP20, 24V, 60W, with emergency supply
(Technical data for this power supply you can find here "CabinLED emergency power supply")


Input 100-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz
2m supply line H05VV-F 2x0.75mm²
Output 24VDC / 2.0A 50W
1.5m outgoing line with T-piece, 3m connecting cable LIYY 3x0.34mm² with 6-way distributor
Lamps per supply unit max. 10 pcs. (power supply 50W)
Efficiency > 88%
Protection type power supply IP20
Operating current 180mA
Power per lamp 3x1W
Luminous flux + brightness 300lm for light colour white (w)
228lm for light colour natural-white (nw)
Protection type IP20
Protection class III
Housing Aluminium nickel-plated
Mounting depth 30mm
Cable on lamp 17cm, pluggable


CabinLED3-AB-3pol-w (020400)
Basic package CabinLED3-AB-3pole-white, 1x LED lamp on-surface with 17cm connecting cable, 1x connecting line 1m LIYY 3x0.34mm²to 6-way distributor, 2x distance plates, 2x clamps, 1x speed nut for fixation in sheet metal ceilings and 1x fitting for wood ceilings.
CabinLED3-AB-3pol-nw (020401)
Basic package CabinLED3-AB-3pole-natural-white, 1x LED lamp on-surface with 17cm connecting cable, 1x connecting line 1m LIYY 3x0.34mm²to 6-way distributor, 2x distance plates, 2x clamps, 1x speed nut for fixation in sheet metal ceilings and 1x fitting for wood ceilings.
CabinLED-PS-24V-50W-3pol (020441)
Switching power supply for CabinLED inclusive line filter, consisting of: 1x power supply 230VAC/24VDC, 2A 50W, 1x supply line 2m H05VV-F 2x0.75mm², 1x outgoing line 1.5m with T-piece and 1x connecting line 1m LIYY 3x0.34mm² with 6-way distributor.
CabinLED-NSG-24V-60W-3pol (020421)
Emergency power supply IP20 equipped and pre-wired with: 1x power supply 230VAC/24VDC with 2m supply line H05VV-F 2x0.75mm², emergency supply with capacity monitoring acc. to EN81-28, 2x battery 12V/1.2Ah, 1x outgoing line 3m with LIYY 3x0.34mm² with 6-way distributor and 1x outgoing line 3m LIYY 3x0.34mm² with connector.
CabinLED-Dimmer-3pol (020416)
CabinLED dimmer 3pole, 1x dimmer with 1m connecting line.
CabinLED-VL-3pol-3m (020418)
CabinLED-VL-3pole-3m, connecting cable 3m LIYY 3x0.34mm², connection between lamp and 6-way distributor is necessary with large lamp distances.
CabinLED-6-way-distributor-3pol (020419)
CabinLED-6-way-distributor-3pole, 1x 6-way-distributor with 3m connecting line LIYY 3x0.34mm².
CabinLED-6-way-distributor-3pol without cable (020427)
CabinLED-6-way-distributor-3pole, 1x 6-way-distributor without cable.
CabinLED3-ring1 60-69.5mm (020004)
Extension ring 1 for ceiling cutouts of 60-69.5mm, for ceiling cutouts of 70-84mm ring 1 and ring 2 are necessary.
Additional line dimmer (020432)
Neccessary when using one dimmer for several supply units.
CabinLED3-ESG-ring 70-84mm (020044)
Extension ring CabinLED3-ESG 70-84mm for ceiling cutouts of 70-84mm.