FixLicht single lamps, lines, tubes, sockets

Single parts and accessories for FixLicht 3-pole standard

FixLicht fluorescent lamps without tube

Pluggable fluorescent lamp, 120cm 36W, incl. mounting instruction

Illuminant 36W

Fluorescent tube 36W, 120cm, T8

Supply lines

Supply lines with socket for the first lamp

Supply extension cables

Supply extension cables with plug and socket

Connecting cables

Connecting cables with plug and socket

Connection kit

Complete connection kit incl. mounting instruction

FixLicht 3-pole standard pit sockets

FixLicht 3-pole standard pit sockets, ready for connection

Small parts and cardboard box

Strain relief clip and cardboard box etc.


Subdivisions, light external switch, engine room plug sockets etc. check up General accessories and options.