Product news POWER LED cabin lighting

In the past several years LED lighting systems have been increasingly used in different market segments. In the lift construction these lamps are still not employed very often, because it has not been possible to provide an evenly bright cabin lighting with a minimum lighting power of 50 lux at a reasonable price.

Technical report from Georg Wallraff, for the first time published in the "Lift-Report 2/2007"  



After a development phase of almost one and a half years W&W Aufzug- und Industriekomponenten presents the lamp series CabinLED for the first time in public. The lamp series consists of a nickel-plated aluminium body with 3x1W or 7x1W POWER LEDs.

You can distinguish the CabinLED series from the usual LED lamps in the market as follows:

  • - the angle of reflection is 110° (customary in trade are 30-60° until now)
  • - the single LEDs have a luminous flux of approx. 70lm (customary in trade are 40lm until now)
  • - due to the homogeneous light distribution the CabinLED lamp has the brightness of a 20-25W halogen spot
  • - the installation is fully pluggable

Because of the wide angle of reflection the whole lift cabin up to the ceiling appears bright and friendly. Two light colour versions are available, a) daylight white, b) halogen white.
As the LEDs are current-controlled, an electronical ballast is necessary.
Two CabinLED3 lamps and one electronical ballast or one CabinLED7 lamp and one electronical ballast form a packing unit.

For the provision of electricity a 24V switching power supply unit is used. This is designed for switching on max. 12 CabinLED3 lamps.

Example of wiring CabinLED 2x3

Product life
According to the manufacturer specifications the average product life lasts 40.000-60.000 hours (approx. 4.5-7 years) depending on the ambient temperature, provided that the lamps are mounted in steel plate ceilings.

Serial product for ceiling cut-outs of 10mm - 59mm, with extension ring for ceiling openings up to 84mm
In order to make sure that the CabinLED lamp series can be used for the universal replacement of halogen lamps with different ceiling diameters as well as for new installations, W&W developed different types.

  • Variant 1A
    Suitable for on-wall mounting and alternatively for ceiling openings up to max. 59mm.

    The build-up height of the CabinLED3A lamp is only 10mm onto the cabin ceiling.

  • Variant 1
    Suitable for ceilings with an opening of 53-59mm

  • Variant 1A with 1 or 2 extension rings
    The extension ring 1 is suitable for the adjustment to ceiling cut-outs up to 69,5mm

    The extension ring 2 is suitable for the adjustment to ceiling cut-outs up to 84mm 

  • Variant 2
    Suitable for ceilings with an opening of 70-74,5mm 

  • Variant 2V
    Protected against vandalism





Variant 1A 

Variant 1 

Variant  1A+ extension ring 

Variant 2 


Protected against vandalism 

4 CabinLED3 lamps or 2 CabinLED7 lamps are sufficient for cabin sizes up to 1.0m² (in case of stainless steel cabins) and a ceiling height of 2.15m.

Emergency lighting with CabinLEDs
Optionally, one CabinLED3 lamp can be used for emergency lighting in case of a power failure. W&W therefore offers an emergency lighting set, which can be fed by a 6V or 12V emergency power supply unit from the client.

Vandal-protected version according to EN81-71
Besides the preceding variants W&W developed a vandal-protected version according to EN81-71:2005 5.4.4 category 1 and 2. The CabinLED7-VandalProtected lamp fulfils all requirements of the highest vandal protection standard (fire and shock test).