Protective covers and hoods

For traction sheaves, pulleys, overspeed governors, copying systems, counter weights, controllers

Finger and rope jump off protection

Universal finger and rope jump off protection for traction sheaves and diverter pulleys.

Universal aluminium traction sheave covers

for all common traction sheave sizes

Diverter pulley cover/ finger protection

for inclined rope departure

Diverter pulley hood

Diverter pulley hood for different rope departures

Double pulley cover

The diverter pulley cover is suitable for the protection of two pulleys on top of each other.

Universal hoods

for overspeed governors (controller) and shaft copying system pulleys

Contaminant deflector

Contaminant deflector and cover for governor tensioning rope pulleys

Floor-mounted hood

The floor-mounted hood is universally usable.

Controller covers

Universal controller covers

Single parts and Accessories

Fixing material and tools

Protective covers for rotating parts

All protective covers on this pages substantially decrease the danger of accidentally grabbing into rotating parts. The safety distances indicated in EN 81-20 according to table 4 of EN ISO 13857, can be kept with closed traction sheave covers and hoods, if they are flush with the engine frame and both entering points and all internal pulley openings are completely covered. For higher entering points (e.g. at the inclined rope departure), a deliberate grabbing in by twisting the hand cannot be prevented. Due to distances between the ropes as well as between the deflector and the rope transition and depending on the location and the pulley specification, small openings at the product “Finger protection“ are possible, where fingers could be deliberately put in.

Therefore we based the development of our components on the following standard and law extracts:

- ProdSG § 6 (1) Additional requirements on the provision of consumer products in the market

"The manufacturer […] has  […]  to ensure that the user receives the necessary information to enable him to assess and safeguard against the risks which may emanate from the consumer product during the usual or reasonably forseeable period of use and which are not  immediately evident without corresponding instructions.“


To avoid accidents, residual risks which cannot be excluded for some products due to the technical feasibility, are clearly marked by signs and warning colour (signal orange for finger protection). The protective covers must exclusively be used in rooms, where only instructed persons have access to. The decision, which protection measures are appropriate for the location, is finally incumbent on the user. Mounting instructions, manufacturer und experts evaluation for the products can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.