Lightings for lifts

Lift shaft and cabin lighting, lighting at landing doors, LED lighting, machine room lighting


Several pit ladders for lifts.

Control and Indicating Units

Actuators, ready made actuators and switches, indicators, lift emergency stop, inspection boxes, etc

Protective covers and hoods

For traction sheaves, pulleys, overspeed governors, copying systems, counter weights, controllers


Main switches, phase and runtime monitoring, overspeed governor tensioning weight switch, final limit switch

Counter weight covering and shaft wall panelling

according to EN81, as well as shaft separation

Cables, cable ducts and cable suspension

Travelling cable suspension, cable assembly

Car aprons

Universal solid and telescopic car aprons

Car installation, CANopen-Lift

Shaft installation, car installation, assembled cables and modules for CANopen-Lift

Guard rails and baseboards for car roofs

Guard rails and baseboards for car roofs, acc. to EN 81-20

W+W Shaft copying systems + magnet switches

Mechanics sets, converter controls, magnet switch consoles and accessories.

Incremental encoders

hollow shaft encoders, mounting kits for Kasper and Otis Drives, hand wheels

Brake monitoring for lift drives

Mounting kits for brake monitoring and brake monitoring module

Warning and indicating signs

Different signs and pictograms for lifts, made of plastic material or adhesive foil

Other lift parts and accessories

Landing door unlocking device, door closing weight, anti-slip mats, floor edging, lift alarm, car ventilation, safety rail, handrail, small parts

Electric small parts

Sockets, mini circuit breakers, position switches, connection boxes and other electric small parts

Shaft copying system ELGO

Sensor heads LIMAX 02, LIMAX 2M, LIMAX 3CP and replacement parts

Lift lubrication system

W+W rope and guide rail lubricator for cleaning and lubrication of lift ropes and guide rails.