Incremental encoder mounting kit - flex coupling version

to control frequency converters of lift motors

Mounting kits with encoder - flex coupling version

Mounting kits with encoder for different frequency converters

Adapter pieces, coupling pieces

for the connection motor/ incremental encoder and fixation with 3 screws at motors

Universal assembly set and replacement parts

Universal assembly set, replacement flex coupling and brackets

Encoder mounting kit


Mounting example

Universal mounting kit with encoder for flex coupling version to control frequency converters of lift motors.


The encoder line is delivered ready for connection to the different frequency converters. A mounting instruction and a connection plan for the respective converter is included in delivery.

Adapter end piece / Coupling piece

They are needed:

1. Mounting kit with encoder

Select suitable mounting kit with encoder.

2. Adapter end piece

Select suitable adapter end piece.

Select for individual cases coupling piece.

3. Assembly set

Assembly set for fastening to the engine frame.

Scope of delivery

Included in delivery:

Mounting kit with flex coupling, angle and selected encoder
Fixation material
Mounting instruction with connection plan


Adapter end pieces, coupling pieces and the universal assembly set are not included in delivery.

They have to be ordered seperately.