Cable-suspensions + accessories, single parts

Cable holder for round and flat travelling cables. Proven quality for more than 30 years!

Cable supports for flat cables

Suspensions / cable supports for flat travelling cables

Cable supports for round cables

Suspensions / cable supports for 1-2 round travelling cables.


Installation sheets in different versions

Mounting examples


Mounting plate ready made with pre-assembled cable suspensions.
On the car side, the mounting plate with the suspension is screwed directly to the car. On the shaft side, the suspensions are doweled directly to the concrete wall.


• Lift cable
• Cable for crane installations
• Cable for automatic warehouses
• Robot systems
• Machines with mobile cables

You will find the exact measurements on Downloads/ CAD-3D illustrations/ Cable suspension 3D.
Please note the cable manufacturer's information.

Mounting example with anti kink roll