Lighting for cabin ceilings made to measure

Complete lift cabin ceilings with custom-made measures.

Versions of cabin ceilings

The cabin ceilings are available in different versions.

Cabin ceiling made to measure ↑ 

Description ↑ 

Example: Cabin ceiling brushed stainless steel

This new cabin lighting is suitable for retrofitting existing lift cabins as well as for the use in new installations.
The suspended ceiling is made to measure and is mounted under the existing cabin ceiling. The maximum dimensions of the ceilings are: length 2200mm and width 1400mm. The frame consists of 2mm stainless steel. Seven different surfaces and four different light colours are available.

Optionally an emergency light can be installed. The brightness of the normal lighting and of the emergency light is compliant with the EN 81-20.

The frame with the luminous field has a very small build-up height of 30mm, including the mounting bracket. It is screwed to the real cabin ceiling with the delivered fastening material. The very small mounting depth makes retrofitting in existing installations very easy.

Mounting of the ceilings ↑ 

Light colours ↑ 

The frame of the cabin ceiling is fastened under the existing cabin ceiling with mounting brackets and screws. (Example: back side of the cabin ceiling)

Dimensional drawing cabin ceiling

The LED lighting is available in different light colours:

Luminous flux, colour temperature and power:

Light colour warm white: 1153lm/m, 3000K, 13.3W/m
Light colour neutral white: 1280lm/m, 4000K, 13.3W/m
Light colour neutral white: 1280lm/m, 5000K, 13.3W/m
Light colour daylight: 1280lm/m, 6500K, 13.3W/m

The irradiation occurs both-sides on the longer side.
Material luminous field: Makrolon, fire protection class B1.

Weight cabin ceiling: approx. 22Kg/m²

Important planning advice!

The production and delivery of the cabin ceilings is made exactly to your specifications of the dimensions. When planning please consider potential diminutions e.g. because of shadow gaps.

When ordering the following specifications are neccessary:

External dimensions of the ceiling: length x width
Material frame: See: Versions of cabin ceilings (Standard stainless steel, grain 240)
Light colours: Choice see table above
Integrated emergency light 3.7W: yes / no
Dimmer: yes / no
Panel for protetion(VSG): yes / no

Please feel free to use our contact form for custom-made cabin ceilings to place your order.

Specification ↑ 

The illuminance is measured in a lift cabin with the dimensions: L= 1400 x W=1100 x H=2380mm.
one metre above the floor approx. 450 Lux
on the floor approx. 125 Lux
Emergency light at the alarm button approx. 70 Lux
Emergency light on the floor approx. 20 Lux