Electric small parts

Sockets, mini circuit breakers, position switches, connection boxes and other electric small parts

Built-in sockets

Different types of built-in sockets for differnt countries

Sockets for top hat rails

Different types of sockets for the mounting on top hat rails for different countries

Mini circuit breakers

Mini circuit breaker
B and C tripping characteristic according to EN 60898-1:2003+A1, IEC 60898-1:2002+A1+A2 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Residual current circuit breaker

RCCB for monitoring electric circuit.

Remote switch

Latching relay, different versions 1 till 3-pole.

Position switches

Position switch series W+W, protection type IP67, acc. to IEC/EN 60947-5-1

Connection boxes/housings

Distribution boxes and fuse boxes

Lift alarm / Horns

Lift alarm, horns, sirens

Lead-fleece-gel batteries

Lead-fleece-gel batteries with VdS-Certificate

Thermostat T1

Tested according to VDE60730 for the use in closed switch cabinets.

Lamps for control cabinets

Different types of lamps for control cabinets, CabinetLicht Standard, CabinetLicht Magnet, replacement tubes

Door switches for control cabinet

Door switch for the switching on of the control cabinet lighting, incl. fixing sheet metal and 2m supply line, ready installed, 230V/2A.