Car aprons

Universal solid and telescopic car aprons

Telescopic apron, four-part, TekoS-265mm

with patented triangular locking mechanism directly at the apron. Certificate on a Voluntary Type Examination by TÜV Rheinland Group.

Telescopic apron four-part, automatic, TekoS-286mm

with holding magnet that opens, if the emergency unlocking device is activated in the landing doors or in case of a power failure.

Telescopic apron three-part, TekoS-350mm

with patented triangular unlocking on the apron. Certificated to EN81-1 and EN81-2 from TÜV-Rheinland Group in Germany.

Telescopic apron two-part, TekoS-450mm

Two-part telescopic apron without triangular locking

Universal car apron

Universal car apron according to EN 81-20 5.4.5

Landing door apron

Landing door apron according to EN 81-20