Baseboard/ floor safety device 115cm for car roofs, acc. to EN 81-20

Baseboard/ floor safety device


The baseboard/ floor safety device can be universally screwed to the guard rail or to the car roof with the enclosed tapping screws. Construction according to EN81-20


According to EN 81-20 ( the car roof has to be equipped with a baseboard at least 0.10m high at the outer edge of the roof, or between the outer edge of the roof and the guard rail, if there is one.

Quick assembly of the baseboard
1. cut in

2. bend

3. screw on, finished!

Scope of delivery

Included in delivery:
1 piece of angle sheet 10cmx3cm, 115cm long, with slots for the universal mounting on car roofs or on guard rail stakes
1 piece of screw fastening set


Baseboard 115 (078219)
Baseboard/floor safety device for car roofs, 100 x 30mm, length 1150mm, incl. screw fastening set, acc. to EN 81-20