Lift travelling cables flat + round

Lift travelling cables flat and round. Optionally the cables can be assembled on both sides.

PVC flat, H05VVH6-F

PVC flat travelling cables

PVC flat with steel carrier element, H05VVD3H6-F

PVC flat travelling cables with steel carrier element.

Flat cable halogen-free, 05ZZH6-F

Flat travelling cables halogen-free, 05ZZH6-F

PVC flat, 24G1+4x(2x0,5)C

PVC flat travelling cable

PVC flat, 28G0,75+4x(2x0,34)ST

PVC flat travelling cable

Flat cable halogen-free, 28G0,75+4x(2x0,34)ST

Flat travelling cable halogen-free

PVC flat 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST

PVC flat travelling cable

Flat cable halogen-free, 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST

Flat travelling cable halogen-free 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST

PVC flat 35G1+(2x2x0,5)C

PVC flat travelling cable

PVC flat 16G0.75+2x(2x0.34)C

PVC flat travelling cable 16G0.75+2x(2x0.34)C

PVC flat, 5G2,5+10x1+4x(2x0,34)C

PVC flat travelling cable for great hoisting heights

CAT-7 cable, PVC and halogen-free

CAT-7 cable 4x2x0,14mm² with two steel carrier elements, PVC and halogen-free

4 x CAT-7 cable PVC

CAT-7 cable 4x (4x2x0.14mm²), PVC flat travelling cable

PVC round travelling cable

PVC round travelling cable, 12G1, 18G1, 24G1 and 30G1

PVC round with shielded pairs

PVC travelling cable 30G1+3x(2x0,5)C with carrier element, supporting braid and shielded pairs

Round cable halogen-free 24G1 with carrier element

Round travelling cable 24x1mm² with carrier element and supporting braid, halogen-free

Round travelling cable (18G0.75)C shielded

Round travelling cable shielded, sheath blue

Rubber travelling cable with carrier element 24G1

Rubber travelling cable with carrier element 24G1mm²

PVC telephone and emergency call, (4x2x0,34)C, shielded

PVC telephone and emergency call travelling cable (4x2x0.34mm²)C with steel carrier element, shielded

PVC round travelling 3x(2x0.75mm²)C, shielded

PVC round travelling cable 3x(2x0.75mm²)C, twisted pair, shielded

Round cable halogen-free 3x(2x0.75mm²)C

Round travelling cable 3x(2x0.75mm²)C, halogen-free, shielded

Round cable halogen-free 6x(2x0.75mm²)C

Round travelling cable 6x(2x0.75mm²)C, halogen-free, shielded

Important Advice!

Please notice the winding direction of the flat travelling cables during installation!


Surcharge (080167)
Surcharge for rolling up the cable on the cable reeling drum, it is necessary for flat travelling cables