Flat cable halogen-free, 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST

Flat travelling cable halogen-free 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST

1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST halogen-free

Important advice!

Please notice the winding direction of the flat travelling cables during installation!

Construction flat travelling cable


Leads 1.5mm²: Special LS HF flame retardant thermoplastic compound. Leads colour green/yellow, resistance 13.3 Ω /km.
Leads 1.00mm²: Special LS HF flame retardant thermoplastic compound. Leads colour white with black numerical imprints 1-39, resistance: 19.5 Ω/km.

Leads 0.34mm²: Celluar Polypropylen copolymere,
shield Al-PET foil, covering degree 100%,
with drain wire, tinned copper. Resistance: 57.2 Ω/km.

1. pair: white/blue
2. pair: white/orange
3. pair: white/green
4. pair: white/brown

Elements stranded, twisted pairs and shielded.
Sheath: thermoplastic halogen-free, flame retardant.

  • Travelling cable for lifts.
  • Flexible cable, at medium mechanical stress and freemoving.
  • In dry and damp rooms.

Cable assembly


Upon request the cable can be assembled on both sides. No extra charge for individual lengths between 10cm and 45cm.

If travelling cables frequently hit blunt edges due to the up and down motion, the product life can be negatively impacted. For this reason it is recommendable to effect the mounting in the shaft at a smooth uncovered concrete wall.
Deliverable as cut goods or as a 500m drum.

G = with protective conductor


Static bending radius 158mm
Natural loop 600mm
Rated voltage U0 /U Leads 1.0 and 1.5mm²: 300/500V
Leads 0.34mm²: 100V
Conductor resistance (at 20°C) 1.50mm²: max. 13.3 Ω/km
1.00mm²: max. 19.5 Ω/km
0.34mm²: max. 57.2 Ω/km
Impedance on braided signal pairs 110 Ω ± 10 %
Temperature range -20°C up to +70°C
Maximum hoisting height


Max. rated speed 4m/s


Flat travelling cable 1G1,5+39x1+4x(2x0,34)ST halogen-free (050006)
Flat travelling cable halogen-free, outer measure approx. 10.5 x 69.0mm, weight approx. 1016kg/km, copper approx. 428kg/km, suspension length 45m, please notice the application. Deliverable as ring max. 25m, for larger lengths it is necessary to roll the cable up on a drum.
Cable assembly for 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST (053074)
Cable assembly for the travelling cable 1G1.5+39x1+4x(2x0.34)ST (art.no. 050005 and 050006). Without any further specifications the insulation of side A will be stripped off at a length of 30cm and side B at a length of 40cm, the leads become fitted with wire end sleeves.