Cables, cable ducts and cable suspension

Travelling cable suspension, cable assembly

Sheathed cables

Sheated cables NYM/H07VV and NHXMH. Application for different requirements. According to Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

Lift travelling cables flat + round

Lift travelling cables flat and round. Optionally the cables can be assembled on both sides.

Control and frequency converter cables

Flexible cable, at medium mechanical stress in dry and damp rooms. Conform to Directive 2006/95/CE ("Low Voltage Directive")

Signal cables for call and position indication

Signal cables for call, digital and position indication. Different specifications: solid, flexible and halogen-free flexible. Alternatively see also lift installation 'SHAFTSET SIGNAL'.

Telephone and data cables

Suitable for analogue and digital data transfer like telephone, fax and telex. Also usable for intercoms and fire alarm systems.

Cable duct / cable duct fixation

Cable ducts and cable duct fixation at shaft scaffolds

Cable holder sets for travelling cables

Complete suspension sets for round cable, flat cable and special cable suspensions.

Cable-suspensions + accessories, single parts

Cable holder for round and flat travelling cables.

All prices plus copper addition.

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