Cabin lighting

Cabin lighting with LED-technology for lift cabins

Cabin lighting CabinLED 3-pole

CabinLED programme with 3-pole pluggable system, protection against reverse polarity, simple installation

Lighting for cabin ceilings made to measure

Complete lift cabin ceilings with custom-made measures.

Cabin lighting SQUARE-LED

SQUARE-LED built-in variant and for on-surface mounting for lift cabin ceilings with state-of-the-art LED technology

Replacement parts for W+W lift cabin ceilings

Replacement parts for existing standard and special ceilings from W+W

W+W LightWatcher

for an efficient energy saving in the area of cabin lightings

LED technology

In the year 2007 W+W presented the cabin lighting programme CabinLED for the first time. Since then they have continuously invested in new technologies and products. The latest generation is CabinLED-3030.

Recently, the subject of energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for the lift industry. Not only because of directives like VDI 4707, sheet 1 and sheet 2, but also due to financial and visual reasons, a cabin lighting with LED technology is getting more and more attractive.
In the following, we present you the current W+W lighting programme CabinLED-3030, SquareLED, lighting for cabin ceilings made to measure, LED-tubes and fastening for LED-Tubes.

Bright cabin illumination

Easy to mount

In contrast to the usual LED lamps in the market with an angle of reflection of 35°-60°, the 1 Watt Power LEDs from W+W have an angle of reflection of 120°. Through this a homogeneous illumination of the cabin until shortly below the cabin ceiling is created.

The whole CabinLED programme can easily be mounted by a 3-pole pluggable system, which is protected against reverse polarity. The highly efficient current controller is integrated in all lamps. The operating voltage is 24V for all CabinLED types. That means, that different sizes can be combined with each other in one cabin ceiling.

Theft protection and lamp replacement

Emergency light connection

The lamps are fixed by means of a deep sitting allen screw. For the replacement the cabin ceiling does not have to be opened. Theft is practically impossible, as a special tool and a detailed knowledge are required.

Due to the low consumption of power the lamps are excellently suitable for an emergency lighting. You will find the corresponding current change-over switch units and emergency power modules in the chapter "Emergency cabin Lighting".

Light colour

Three light colours are available


LED light colours
The 1 Watt Power LEDs used by W+W are selected by bins. Specifying the colour temperature/ light colour in Kelvin (K) is particularly important for white LED light, as it indicates whether the colour range is warm or cold light. This is important for the area of application of the LEDs.

White: 5600 Kelvin
Neutral white: 4000 Kelvin
Warm white: 3000 Kelvin

Due to the 3-pole system the dimmer can be plugged into a system at any position, which makes it also possible to install the dimmer later.


Light colour: white (5600K)
The cabin is illuminated in bright white (not bluish).

Light colour: neutral white (4000K)
The cabin is illuminated in neutral white.

General conditions

for the CabinLED series

Intended use
The lamp programme CabinLED has been checked and adjusted to the use in lift cabins. The employment in other areas is not permissible.

Brightness and cabin illumination
Large leaps in technology are presently taking place in short intervals in the area of Power LEDs. W+W reserve themselves the right to adjust their products to the state of the art. Recent cognitions and information to luminous flux, light colour and dimensioning of cabin lightings are available here on our web site.

Potential indications regarding the product life are based on technical data given by the LED manufacturer and do not extend the general warranty period granted by W+W.