Several pit ladders for lifts.

StufiKlapp V3 EN 81-20

StufiKlapp ladder for pits V3 acc. to EN 81-20. NEW! With simplified wall suspension!

Rung and pit wall ladders for lifts

Rung ladders type 1 - 7 according to EN 81 and in parts to EN 81-20

Pit Folding Ladders for lift

TRI-KLAPP, 3-part pit folding ladder with floor fastening for universal application in the shaft pit.


Pit ladders with monitoring switch

If the ladder is permanently installed in the lift shaft we recommend switch monitored ladders. It is not required by EN81 though. If a ladder is equipped with a monitoring switch and if there is no installation specification from the user, the switch must be wired in series to the STOP switch in the safety circuit. The switches provided by us have a rated operational current of 3A 230V AC15.