Cam rotary button with key

Cam rotary button with key for Ø 22mm hole

Cam rotary button with key


Cam rotary button 3 NO, 3 NC, with key, for Ø 22mm hole, with retraction to 0-position, one button position, installation depth 78mm.

Switching position for closed contacts.


Technical data according to IEC 60947-3, EN 60947-3, VDE 0660 part 107
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 440V
Rated continuous current (Iu/Ith) 10A
Rated operational current (Ie)
AC-22A (220V-440V) 10A
AC-15A ( 110V ) 2.5A
AC-15A (220V-240V) 2.5A
AC-15A (380V-440V) 1.5A
Rated breaking capacity
AC-3 (3-phase 220V-240V) 1.5kW
AC-23A (3-phase 220V-240V) 1.8kW


Cam rotary button CRB22 r33 K with 3NO, 3NC (063000)
Cam rotary button 3NO, 3NC with key for 22mm hole, installation depth 78mm, with 1 buttton position and retraction to 0-position.