Shaft Lighting

Pluggable shaft lighting systems with fluorescent tubes 2-pole, 3-pole standard, 3-pole IP54

W+W FixLED shaft lighting IP65

Shaft lighting with LED band 220V-240V AC 50-60Hz

SlimLicht type 2, 2-pole with electronical ballast

Pluggable shaft lighting, protected against reverse polarity, 50 Lux acc. EN81

FixLicht 3-pole standard EVG

Pluggable lift shaft lighting system with electronic ballast (EVG), acc. to EN 81-20

FixLicht 3-pole 36W IP54 EVG Complete packages

Complete packages for shaft heights from 5.5m up to 206.4m

Covered fluorescent lamps IP65

Covered fluorescent lamps T8, IP65, 220-240V, 50Hz

FixLicht 36W IP67/54 EVG for firemen's lift

FixLicht 36W IP67/54 EVG Pit lamp for firemen's lift

General accessories

Fluorescent tubes, distribution boxes, pull cord switches and buttons, light pushbuttons etc.