SlimLicht type 2, 2-pole with electronical ballast

Pluggable shaft lighting, protected against reverse polarity, 50 Lux acc. EN81

SlimLicht 13 - 28W lamps, 2m - 10m lines, accessories

Single lamps 13-28W, connecting cables, supply lines, replacement tubes, etc.

SlimLicht 21-28W pallets

For quantity buyers, one pallet contains 198 pieces of SlimLicht lamps

SlimLicht 24W type 2 shaft lighting packages, 2m

Complete packages with 24W lamps, lamp distance 2m, acc. to EN 81-1/2


50 Lux acc. to EN81

Technical data


Illuminant: 8W - 28W
Voltage Urated: 220-240V / ≈ 50Hz
Max. number of lamps in series on one supply line: 10
Max. rated current of the mini circuit breaker: 6A / B-Characteristics

SlimLicht 2-pole type 2 with pluggable T5 flourescent lamps, 24W, 220-240V/50Hz, 8W - 28W, with tube protection, electronic ballast, strain relief for the cables, 2m intermediate cable, two nail dowels and a detailed mounting instruction.

The total loop resistance behind the last lamp must not exceed 5Ω. In addition the respective country regulations apply.  


Mounting advice:

Starting at 0.5 m below the shaft ceiling, the lamps are installed vertically below each other in the lift shaft, by means of intermediate lines. The lines may be laid without cable duct. A minimum distance of 5 cm on all sides towards moving parts has to be kept, even if a guide shoe insert breaks out or another technical failure occurs. The adequate length of the intermediate cables depends on the degree of reflection of the walls and on the lift size. When assembling, it is not permitted to let the lamps down in a long chain in the lift shaft without wall fastening.
Depending on the scope of delivery the lamps are delivered already with plugged in intermediate lines. In this case the intermediate line on the last lamp has to be plugged out, this line is not needed.