SlimLicht lamps, cables and accessories

Single lamps 13-28W, connecting and adapter cables, supply lines, replacement tubes

SlimLicht type 2, fluorescent lamps 24W and 28W

Pluggable fluorescent lamps, single, 24W and 28W, 240V/50Hz

SlimLicht type 2 supply lines

Supply lines, white, flat H05VVH2-F 2x0.75 with socket

SlimLicht type 2 connecting cables

Connecting cables, white, flat H05VVH2-F 2x0.75mm², with plug and socket.

SlimLicht adapter cables

Adapter cables to interconnect the previous system SlimLicht type 1 and the current system SlimLicht type 2

SlimLicht replacement tubes

SlimLicht replacement tubes 3200K (warm white) and 6400K (daylight white)

Solid cardboard box

Solid cardboard box for max. 9 lamps for a safe transport to the building site