Other lift parts and accessories

Door closing weight, floor edging, lift alarm, car ventilation, safety rail, handrail, small parts

Door closing weight

Door closing weight kit, 2kg, suitable for retrofitting on existing lift landing doors.

Floor Edging

Universal floor edging acc. to EN 81-20, suitable for square breaks in the ceiling

Handrail in stainless steel

Handrail stainless steel, high quality workmanship, industrial-polished with pressed in stainless steel end caps.

Car ventilation

Car ventilation made of perforated sheet metal

Triangular key + label

Triangular key/ emergency unlocking device according to EN81 and adhesive label

Lift alarm and signal horns

Lift alarm, signal horn, siren horn
Warning signals according to EN 81-20 with LED flashing light

Small parts

Cable fixing dowels, small distribution box, nail dowels, cable ties, strain-relief clip

Wire end sleeves

Wire end sleeves in different sizes


Lamp cardbord box