Rung and pit wall ladders for lifts

Rung ladders type 1 - 7 according to EN81 and in parts to EN 81-20

Ladder type 1

Simple rung ladder acc. to EN 131

Ladder type 2

with wall fastening and padlock, construction according to EN 131

Ladder type 3

with wall fastening and triangular locking device, construction according to EN131

Ladder type 4

with wall fastening and 3m knotted chain, construction according to EN 131

Ladder type 5 acc. to EN81-20

Pit ladders switched monitored with wall fastening

Ladder type 6

Construction according to EN 81, EN 131 and in parts EN 81-20

Ladder type 7B acc. to EN 81-20

Pit wall ladder with lever mechanics, monitoring switch and foldable.

Ladder single parts and Ladder ACCESSORY SETS

Ladder accessories for lift pit ladders