Control cables, main and motor supply lines

Flexible cables for different applications. Conform to Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/CE

PVC shielded, EMC conform, YSLCY-OZ

PVC control cable, shielded, EMC conform, YSLCY-OZ

PVC shielded, YSLCY-B

PVC motor supply cable, shielded, YSLCY-B

Control cable, halogen-free, HSLH-JZ

Control cables, main supply lines, motor supply lines, halogen-free, HSLH-JZ

Control cable halogen-free, shielded, HSLCH-JZ

Control cables, motor supply lines, halogen-free, shielded, HSLCH-Z

PVC shielded with coloured sheath, EBCY

Control cables shielded with coloured sheath for special applications EBCY