Control and Indicating Units

Actuators, ready made actuators and switches, indicators, lift emergency stop, inspection boxes, etc

Switches and buttons GenNext

Push-buttons, twin push-buttons, selector and key switches and buttons, indicators and contact blocks of the serie GenNext

Stop devices and different switches

Standard housings, stop devices, cam rotary switches and buttons and bypass switches..

Emergency stop device, alarm buttons, signal bypass and alarm button

according to EN81-20, IP54, with switch position indication

Standard inspection and emergency boxes

Standard inspection and emergency boxes. STOP switch with position indication acc. to EN 81-20 with push-turn or push-pull function, optional also with collar.

Pit control boxes

Pit control boxes ready for connection in different specifications

Signal bypass

LED flashing light with warning signal in housing, construction according to EN 81-20 g

Safety space signal light

according to EN 81-21

Giovenzana Car Top Devices

NEW! Available on request.