Door closing weight

Door closing weight kit, 2kg, suitable for retrofitting on existing lift landing doors.

Door closing weight kit 2kg

Intended use

Mounting example

The door closing weight is suitable for retrofitting on exisiting lift landing doors.
It serves to implement the specification of EN 81-20
In the case of landing doors operated by the car door, a device (spring or weight) has to ensure that the landing door closes when, for whatever reason, it is opened when the car is outside the unlocking zone.

Mounting examples


Mounting example: door closing weight kit

The closing weight ensures a permanent and constant (linear) closing force of 2kg.
Thus the doors close automatically until the door bolt engages, which is a great advantage compared to closing springs. These often have too little tension and force when the door is closing or they have too much tension when the door is open, so that it is difficult for older door motors to keep the doors open.
The closing weight is attached to the landing door carriage by means of a PP cord over a diverter pulley and universal mounting angles. The door weight is constructed so that even older door motors can open the doors completely.

Scope of delivery

General operating mode

Included in delivery:

1 piece closing weight 2kg
1 piece PP-cord, black, Ø 3mm, length: 4m
1 piece diverter pulley and several mounting angles
2 pieces plastic tubes M40, length 4m
2 pieces bags with small parts for fixation

General operating mode

Cord fixation

Example fixation

The cord is prepared at both ends by means of a rope thimble and a wire rope clamp. The weight is fastened at the thimble using a flat shackle.


Door closing weight kit (079445)
Door closing weight kit consists of: weight 2kg, 2 plastic tubes M40 (2x 1m), 1 diverter pulley with mounting angle, PP-cord Ø 3mm, length 4m, 2 small parts bags with fixation material.