Mechanics-set for a running toothed belt in Ex-areas. Hoisting height max.: 62.5m, rated speed max.: 1.6m/s. Diameter of the encoder pulley d=150mm. Including Ex-expertise for the belt and ATEX declaration for the encoder.

Mechanics-set type-10Ex


The mechanics set is suitable for a running tooth belt. The maximum hoisting height is 62.5 m, the maximum rated speed is 1.6 m/s. The universal mounting is possible at the car rail or the shaft wall.

Included in delivery:

Complete mechanics set
with or without incremental encoder,
10m supply line,
mounting material

Special toothed belt 10mm

The special tooth belt is antistatic.

Toothed belts with discharge capacity must be used in areas exposed to explosion hazards according to TRGS 727 3.5 (4).

Special toothed belt b=10mm ready made for the delivery-lengths: 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 80m, 90m, 100m, 120m.

Material: Chloropren compound (Neoprene) with aramid fibres

Operating temperature: -30°C up to +100°C

Selection guide tooth belt

Calculation of the required belt length: hoisting height x 2 + 10m.

Example for a hoisting height: 17m x 2 + 10m = 44m => 45m tooth belt.

If the speed is higher than 1.6m/s a longer belt according to the overdriving is neccessary.

You can find here the necessary toothed belts for a smooth belt run!

Custom-made Ex-absolute and incremental encoders on request.


Maximum hoisting height 62.5m
Maximum rated speed 1.6m/s
Diameter of encoder pulley ≈ 150mm
Pulley circumference 457.44mm


Mechanics Set type-10EX without encoder (063115)
Complete mechanics set type-10EX without encoder
Mechanics Set type-10EX SSI EEx d IIC T6, 20m (050776)
Complete mechanics set type-10EX SSI EEx d IIC T6, 20m, with absolute encoder of category 2, zone 1 (gas) and zone 21 (dust), IP67, with 20m cable.
Mechanics Set type-10EX CANopen EEx d IIC T6, 20m (062001)
Complete mechanics set type-10EX, with absolute encoder CANopen EEx d IIC T6 of category 2, zone 1 (gas) and zone 21 (dust), IP67, CANopen Lift DSP 417, with 20m cable.