Diverter pulley hood

Diverter pulley hood for different rope departures

Diverter pulley hood


The cover hoods are universally usable. They can alternatively be attached to the engine frame or to the concrete footing. Depending on the rope position it is possible to make a sight check of the running grooves through the 8mm perforated sheet.
The openings for the rope are cut out on-site by the assembler. For this purpose an usual side cutter can be used.
A plate shears art.no. 63550 for cutting out the rope slot can be ordered additionally on request.

Mounting example 1

on an engine frame with horizontal rope departure.

Mounting example 2

on an engine frame with inclined rope departure.


for suitable entering points

Scope of delivery

A detailed mounting instruction is included in delivery.

The diverter pulley hoods are suitable for vertical rope departure as well as for high sitting pulleys with horizontal and inclined rope departure.
They are also suitable for low sitting pulleys, but here additional cover sheets for the lower entering point are neccessary.