W+W FixLED shaft lighting IP65

Shaft lighting with LED band 220V-240V AC 50-60Hz

W+W FixLED lengths about 1m - 25m

W+W FixLED products with lengths about 1m up to 25m

W+W FixLED lengths about 26m - 50m

W+W FixLED products with lengths about 26m up to 50m


The LED shaft lighting is appropriate for the homogeneous illumination of the lift shaft.
The LED band runs in one piece from the shaft ceiling to the pit, thereby avoiding horizontal shadows which are usually generated by the distance between the lamps. The coating of the W+W FixLED shaft lighting consists of self-extinguishing PVC. There are 60 LEDs per metre, and always two LEDs are parallel connected. This arrangement increases the reliability of the individual sections.
The LED band is delivered ready for connection with a 10m supply cable. The LED band is assembled in intervals of 1m. The longest piece possible is 50m. One LED band is sufficient for a shaft surface of up to approximately 6,4m².

Other than for retrofitting this shaft lighting is especially suitable for the mounting of new installations without scaffolding. Due to the compact structural shape (width 13mm / height 15mm, including cable fixing dowels), the LED band can be installed in every lift shaft.

The W+W FixLED shaft lighting is certified by TÜV Rheinland according to EN81-1, -2 and EN81-20.

Mounting examples

Planning advice

Goods lift, capacity 1.6t with a shaft surface of 6.2m²
Fixation of the LED band at the shaft wall

In general it is sufficient to choose the length of the shaft lighting next smaller than the shaft height.
If there are devices like for example the frequency converter in the shaft head or the pit, it is recommended to fasten the LED band also horizontally at the wall or the ceiling, in order to achieve a better illumination (e.g. shaft height + 2m).

Scope of delivery

Included in delivery:

LED band ready for connection with 10m supply cable and plug,
please select the suitable length of the LED band and plug
Bag with small parts: 40 cable ties and cable fixing dowels Ø 6mm and mounting instruction.

The plug can be cut off as needed.
In this case the supply cable is connected to the terminal strip in the lift control.

Versions of plugs

Different versions of plugs are possible

Plug CEE 7/17 and plug BS 1363 (Great Britain)

Plug T12 CH (Switzerland)


Protection type IP65
Material coating PVC, self-extinguishing
Voltage 220V-240V AC 50-60Hz
Power 8.5W/m -9W/m ± 10%
Max. charge/string 450W ±10% with 50m
Protection class II
Light colour 4000K
Angle of radiation 120°
Durability ≈ 50.000h
Supply cable 10m H05VV-F 2x1.5mm² with plug
Length LED band maximum 50m
Ambient temperature -30°C up to +45°C
Dimensions PVC coating 13 x 8mm
Weight (without cable) 110g/m
Circuit breaker maximum 16A, B characteristics