Telescopic apron, four-part, TekoS-265mm

with patented triangular locking mechanism directly at the apron. Certificate on a Voluntary Type Examination by TÜV Rheinland Group.


TekoS-265mm Telescopic apron four-part, STANDARD and STANDARD VA (stainless steel)


TekoS-265mm Telescopic apron four-part, EXTENDED and EXTENDED VA (stainless steel)

TekoS-265 accessories and safety labels

fixation material and safety labels in different languages


Extended and retracted

Functional description

The hydraulic buffer protects the rescue service against foot injuries.

In its normal state the four-part telecopic apron is retracted. Therefore no touch-down or grinding noises occur when the car reaches or leaves the lowest landing.
The total height is only 265mm (Extended: 286mm) in the retracted state of the apron.
If passengers have to be released, the apron is unlocked with a triangular key directly on the apron. To avoid accidents when releasing passengers, the landing door has to be opened just for a few centimetres. Therefore every apron is equipped with three triangular locks for left, right or centrally closing doors. To extend the apron only one lock has to be used.

Intended use

Locking in extended state

The four-part telescopic car apron prevents the inadvertent fall of persons into the lift shaft beneath the car.

In the extended state the telescopic apron locks itself. According to EN81-21 the apron can only be reset manually from the shaft pit.

Prevention of foot injuries

The triangular locks are connected by a rod on the backside. So if the apron is unlocked by the rescue service, the extension process is damped to avoid foot injuries.

Triangular locking device

Safety advice

The safety label has to be placed where it can be seen if the landing door is opened only a few centimetres.
Locks with internal return spring.

An adhesive label in the machine room and on the apron informs the rescue service about the retracted apron.

Scope of delivery


Included in delivery:
• 1 pc. telescopic apron, 2mm galvanised steel sheet,
     incl. monitoring switch
• 1 pc. yellow adhesive label for machine room (German) 80x120mm
• 1 pc. yellow adhesive label for apron (German) 115x75mm
• 1 pc. yellow adhesive label for apron (German) 130x40mm
• 2 pcs. angles for fixing the telecopic apron at the doorsill of the car
• 2 sets fixation material (angles, diagonal struts)
• 1 pc. small parts bag (screws, nuts, etc.)
• 1 pc. detailed mounting instruction, German

Switch supervision

Table: door width

A switch supervises the retracted state. The apron automatically locks into its normal position when pushing it upwards.

Advice: Cabin door locking

Advice: Collision prevention

The manufacturer categorically recommends an additional cabin door locking device, if the client does not provide for equivalent safety measures, in order to prevent the endangerment of locked in persons when they release themselves. E.g. in case of revolving doors due to the construction it is often not possible to release oneself even when there is no cabin door locking device.

When going down, a directional switch has to prevent that the lift can be moved with the control of inspection operation and the lift return control in the area, where an apron, which is not retracted, may collide with the pit floor.

Safety labels foreign countries

If the apron is used in non-German speaking countries, the saftey label to be glued on apron have to be ordered seperately for the respective national language.

Warning signs for the shaft pit

You can find suitable warning and indicating signs here:
"Signs and foils for lifts"


SAFETY DISCONNECTOR IP67 for monitoring the retracted state of the apron,
pre-installed with a 5m long supply line 4x1mm²
Rated operational current AC-15 4A for 230V
DC-13 4A for 24V
Contact 2NC, closed in the retracted state