Important note on shaft wall panelling!

"Flame retardant" ≠ "Incombustible"

Important planning information for our customers!

In the building regulations of the German federal states, buildings are divided into different building classes ( 1 - 5 ). Most lifts are installed in buildings of building class 5 (height >13m and/or usage units with more than 400m²).
According to the building regulations of the federal states (which are very similar or almost identical in all federal states) lift shaft walls are considered as space-enclosing components and must be fire-resistant and made of non-combustible building materials. This corresponds to fire protection class A1 according to DIN 4102.

The W+W shaft wall panelling made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel (building material class A1) meets these requirements, fire protection class A1, non-combustible and can be installed without any restrictions.
The use of rigid foam mats consisting of polyurethane (building material class B1) or similar materials is rather problematic. They belong to fire protection class B1 (flame retardant) according to DIN 4102 and must not be used in the lift shaft.

Please consider these specifications when planning a shaft wall panelling.