New partnership with Giovenzana

Introduction of new emergency stop switches

W+W is one of the largest manufacturers of customised inspection boxes, pit control units and complete shaft installations in Germany.

Between W+W and the Italian company Giovenzana a partnership has now been established in order to be able to respond even better to the needs of customers in this area. Giovenzana is globally a leading company in the development and manufacturing of safety solutions. Especially the production of inspection boxes, pit control units, emergency stop switches and many other innovative electrical components makes this collaboration so valuable. The main beneficiaries of the strategic partnership are the customers, who can now choose from a large portfolio of numerous solutions in the field of shaft installation and wired control units. Our existing control elements and housings will remain in the product range.

Only the actuators of the old emergency stop switches have changed. W+W has ended its cooperation with Schlegel. The emergency stop switch from Giovenzana or the W+W emergency stop switch with IDEC actuator are now available. All prices remain unchanged.

The following advantages of the Giovenzana emergency stop switch should be emphasised at this point:

- higher protection class: IP65 (instead of IP54)
- smaller design
- higher current at 240V AC15: 4A (instead of 3A)