Product discontinuation FixLicht 3P IP20

Dear customer,

Almost 25 years ago, we set a new standard in the illumination of lift shafts with our FixLicht shaft lighting. This first pluggable shaft lighting worldwide is still in service today in thousands of lift shafts. But the successful time of the shaft lighting FixLicht now comes to an end.

In the last few years it has been increasingly accepted to use LED bands for shaft lighting, which are more efficient and easy to install. Additionnally, there is a planned EU prohibition of T8 fluorescent tubes starting in 2023.

The production of our lamp "FixLicht 3P EVG with cover" requires a high level of work and material input and the purchase of special products (e.g. injection moulded parts, profiled sheets) from various suppliers. Due to the significant reduction of the total production, the profitability of the lamp is hardly given anyway. The situation is recently complicated by the fact that an important supplier has filed for insolvency. As a consequence, the availability of important components can no longer be guaranteed in the future.

W+W Aufzugkomponenten have therefore decided to cease production with immediate effect and to discontinue all products of the "FixLicht 3P IP20 EVG" series from its product range.

This concerns especially the following articles:
FixLicht 3P EVG with cover ( 009396), single lamp
FixLicht 3P STD xL xM, complete packages

Of course you will have a last-time-buy option until 31.06.2020 in line with the discontinuation. Please consider that in the meantime we can no longer guarantee stock availability.
As an alternative, the following equivalent or higher quality products are available:

W+W FixLED IP65:
Shaft lighting LED band. Quick installation, perfect illumination without creating shadows,
exact to the metre (1-100m), assembled with 10m supply cable 2 x 1,5mm²,
fuse protection up to B16A possible.

SlimLicht Type2 IP20 24W:
Shaft lighting by means of lamp IP20 EVG T5 24W,
complete packages up to 29m shaft height, completely pluggable,
with 2m lamp distance

We remain at your disposal if you have any further questions. Please refer to the contact persons known to you.
Thank you very much for your comprehension.

W+W Aufzugkomponenten        
GmbH u. Co. KG
40233 Düsseldorf